Semi-automatic carton gluing Machine

Simple and reliable operation system. Whole novel smooth design. Quick change of size.


Semi-automatic carton gluing machine is a kind of Corrugated box gluing machines, it is a new type enviromental equipment, mainly used in carton sticking, abandon the traditional copper stapling method, Improved production efficiency, and the product quality is good.

Main machine frame: machine frame, ascend and descend worktable, front part convey equipment, front part amending equipment, middle part convey equipment, middle part press together equipment, finished product side output equipment, electrical controlling equipment.

Characteristic of Semi-automatic carton gluing Machine:

  1. The semi-automatic box gluer is the latest development according to the needs of users’ small and medium orders. It has a small size and small footprint and is easy to operate.
  2. Save glue: the amount of glue is only equivalent to 1/3 of the manual glue.
  3. The bonding is firm, neat and does not overflow the glue, the patented double-head sander can polish the sticky mouth well, remove the UV light film layer or the plastic layer, etc., improve the adhesion of the glue, solve the problem that the carton is easy to open in the dry season.
  4. Automatic counting, straping set.
  5. The minimum width and height of the carton can be glued 340mm.

Parameter of Semi-automatic carton gluing Machine

Type 1 Type 2
Max size(Length+width)*2 2600mm 2800mm
Min size(Length+width)*2 340mm 340mm
Paper height 900mm 1000mm
Engine Power 2.2Kw 4.0Kw
Machine speed 40m/min 60m/min

Useage of the Semi-automatic carton gluing Machine: suitable for the production of small batch products and the replacement of varieties. It is suitable for the bonding of ordinary cartons and special-shaped color boxes. It can also be used as a lock bottom box after installing an automatic glue spraying device; It is suitable for the irregular creasing line and special shaped products that are not easy to process by the automatic box gluer.