High speed lead edge feeder printing slotting die cutting machine

High quality material and fittings are used for the machine.


Characteristic of High speed lead edge feeder printing slotting die cutting machine:

  1. High quality material and fittings are used for the machine.
  2. The drive gears are hardened and ground(Hardness >HRC 60)
  3. All gaps can be adjusted manually.
  4. The machine is manufactured according to the high requirement for operation, reliability and safety. Rapid order changing and convenient operation.
  5. All rolling shafts are plated with Chromium to enhance hardness.

Technical Parameter:

Model Number Unit 2500 2500 2500
Roller diameter mm ∮300 ∮400 ∮480
Over the paper width mm 900×2400 1200×2400 1450×2400
Max printing area mm 900×2200 1200×2200 1450×2200
Feeding paper by partition mm 1200×2400 1400×2400 1450×2400
Min Feeding size mm 280×600 300×720 360×720
Feeding Depth mm 2-11 2-11 2-11
Print Plate Depth mm 7.2 7.2 7.2
Machine Speed pcs/min 70 70 70
Power Kw According to the

Printing set

According to the

Printing set

According to the

Printing set


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Paper feeding unit

  • Lead edge feeder system, inverter adjust air volume, feeding in precision and steady.
  • Double feeding roller model, quick replacement mechanism for the first feeding rubber roller, with spring adjustment function, it can prevent distortion and to ensure accurate feeding of cardboard.
  • Brushes and suction device remove dust from board surface.
  • Touch screen displays production speed and quantity.
  • Adjust the feed interval by manual.

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Paper Printing unit


1.Both printing cylinder and impression cylinder are made of high quality steel with grounding surface and

chrome plated. Dynamic and static balance correction ensure to run stability.

2.Adopt hanging structure, convenience and fast to set up.

3.Installing and uninstalling printing plate with pedal switch or operation panel to control forward and reverse

4.To match with feeding unit the machine with automatic lift anilox, when the feeding unit runs, the anilox roller

goes down to contact with printing plate, while, on contract, leave printing plate

5.Phase position utilizing electromagnetic clutch locking device, with intelligent zeroing function and can reset in

dynamic and static condition.

6.Printing phase adopt PLC touch screen and 360 degree electric adjustment.

7.Pull roller quick lateral moving mechanism, self-locking gap adjustment device.

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Slotter unit

  • Singl-axle double-knife structure is adopted,and the back-knife can be set by computer and adjusted electrically by hands
  • The five-knife set can all be moved, and the adjustment clearance can be set by computer and adjusted electrucally by hands.
  • The arbor and pressure line axle both adlpt hard twice precision grinding.
  • There’s the elastic corner-cutting kinfe. The third,fifth and seventh cardboard don’t need to be adjusted.
  • Manual two way self-locking is used to adjust clamping roller clearance, which makes the adjustment easier and faster.
  • The phase fixation adkpts electromagnetic brake institution. When the machine and stage separate or adjusting the phase, keep the front knife plate fixed.
  • The touch displaying screed is equipped, which makes date setting and control easier.


High speed water based printing slotting die cutting machine

Stacking Unit

  1. The paper arm can be operated manually or automatically, with an insurance mechanism to prevent the sudden fall of the paper arm and ensure the safety of the operator.
  2. The life power chain of the bed platform is driven.
  3. The stack height is 1600mm.
  4. The bed table is automatically adjusted to the height of the board, the life motor and the brake function, the bed table can be kept in a fixed position, and it will not decline.
  5. The pressure type of the paper structure when the board is stacked to the predetermined height, the paper tray automatically opens, supporting the board.
  6. The plane wrinkle belt prevents the cardboard from slipping.