Semi Automatic Chain Feeding Printing Slotting Machine

semi auto printer slotter, chain feeding printer slotter machine


chain feeder printer slotter machine

chain feed printer slotter

chain feeding printing slotting machine–Jeytop carton machinery

Characteristic: Chain feeding printing slotting machine 

Feeding part:
1. Paper-feeding: Chain, paper pushing feeding.
2. Open and closing of the unit adopts electrical walking and pneumatic locking (with overload protection function).
3. Paper-feeding roller: The upper axle adopts ginning paper-feeding wheel while the lower axle adopts steel ginning roller. The surface hard chromium-plating guarantees the smooth feeding of the paperboard and does not damage the corrugated cap.

Printing part:
1. Printing roller: You can adopt the advanced, convenient and practical hanging plate with hooked slots (Optional). Loading and unloading the plate can be independently controlled by the pedal switch. The phase adjusting adopts non-stop-working, 360o electrical and numerical adjustment. Input the data as per the error. Automatically adjust.
2. Ink circulating system.
3. The anilox roller adopts the steel material 220 wire or the 220 wire combined anilox roller.
4. The rubber roller is made up of natural oil proof, acid proof and alkali proof rubber.
5. Pneumatic diaphragm pump inking, automatic circulating. Automatic cleaning after adding water.
6.Stop working to distribute ink. Stop working and the work of the ink circulating system for a short time. Cleaning-free to guarantee the quality of the printed things and make the inking color showing no difference.
7. Pneumatic control of the anilox and rubber rollers of the ink circulating system. Quick lifting can print more tiny script, fine pattern or color process. It can make the printed matters clear, full and round.

Slotting part:
1. The slotting part can electrically adjust the phase in 360°.
2. Hand adjust the height of the carton. Four knives are synchronous.
3. Long and wide adjusting. Loading and unloading the knife disk. Upper and lower creasing. Paper-kicking knife. Creasing shaft. The pointer of the scale can be hand and combinedly moved to save time.
4. Pneumatic and combined control of the whole machine which has the function of counting, alarming and operating at the back of the machine.

Technical parameters:

Diameter of roller/mm300400480530
Max working speed (pcs/min)60606060
Max feeding size/mm900X(2000-2800)1200X(2200-2800)1450x(2400-2800)mm1650X(2600-3000)
Min feeding size/mm
Max effective printing size/mm900X(2000-2600)1200X(2200-2600)1450x(2400-2800)1650X(2600-3000)
Effective thickness/mm3.5.7ply (2-12mm)3.5.7ply (2-12mm)3.5.7ply (2-12mm)3.5.7ply (2-12mm)
Printing plate thickness/mm6±0.16±0.16±0.16±0.1
Max depth of slotting/mm250314370416


This machine can be used for printing slotting of fruit boxes, beverage boxes, pizza boxes, etc. It can be worked with the auto feeder if needed:

auto feeder