Automatic partition machine


If you need to make carton partitions as below, our automatic partition machine can help you.

carton partitions

Characteristics of the automatic partition machine

1. The automatic partition machine is suitable for automatic insertion of various carton partitions and barriers. For example: food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, fruits, handicrafts, glass products, industrial product accessories, etc.

2. Electrically adjust the height of the horizontal grating;

3. The vertical paper feeding frame adopts integral electric adjustment to lift;

4. The lifting and lowering of the worktable for horizontal paper feeding is electrically adjusted;

5. Use compressed air storage tanks for centralized air supply to ensure stable air supply pressure and sufficient air supply. Each air-consuming equipment draws air from the main air pipe and is controlled independently without affecting each other;

6. Feed paper vertically and horizontally at the same time for criss-cross insertion;

7. Vertical vacuum suction cup adsorbs and feeds paper;

8. Dual-station paper output to improve work efficiency;

9. Comprehensive use of pneumatic control and electronic control to ensure the accuracy of equipment control;

10. Transverse pneumatic paper feeding, accurate and quick response;

11. Installed with a fault detection device, the machine will automatically stop if the cardboard is clogged;

12. PLC human-machine interface, easy to operate.

13. Parts made of high-quality raw materials are processed by precision equipment and have a long service life;

14. The mechanical structure is simple, easy to adjust, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Technical details of The automatic partition machine:

Paper Box Partition Assembly Machine clapboard Assembler corrugated automatic partition machine for sale


Dimension(L x W x H m include sheet delivery )


Total power



Horizontal inserting width: Amm120~900
Lengthways sheets length: Bmm210~600
Clapboard Height: Cmm80~300
Lengthways clapboard distance: Dmm20~500
Horizontal clapboard distance: Emm45-850
Lengthways sheets No.piece1-6
Horizontal clapboard No.piece1-29
Carton inserting mouth width:Fmm>oard thickness
Carton thickness:Gmm1.5~8mm

Remark:We can customize the machine according to your different carton partition requirements.

If you need to slot the cardboard, then please refer to our: Automatic partition slotting machine.


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