Automatic partition machine


Characteristics of the automatic partition machine

1. The automatic partition machine is suitable for automatic insertion of various carton partitions and barriers;

2. Electrically adjust the height of the horizontal grating;

3. The vertical paper feeding frame adopts integral electric adjustment to lift;

4. The lifting and lowering of the worktable for horizontal paper feeding is electrically adjusted;

5. Use compressed air storage tanks for centralized air supply to ensure stable air supply pressure and sufficient air supply. Each air-consuming equipment draws air from the main air pipe and is controlled independently without affecting each other;

6. Feed paper vertically and horizontally at the same time for criss-cross insertion;

7. Vertical vacuum suction cup adsorbs and feeds paper;

8. Dual-station paper output to improve work efficiency;

9. Comprehensive use of pneumatic control and electronic control to ensure the accuracy of equipment control;

10. Transverse pneumatic paper feeding, accurate and quick response;

11. Installed with a fault detection device, the machine will automatically stop if the cardboard is clogged;

12. PLC human-machine interface, easy to operate.

13. Parts made of high-quality raw materials are processed by precision equipment and have a long service life;

14. The mechanical structure is simple, easy to adjust, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Technical details of The automatic partition machine:

Paper Box Partition Assembly Machine clapboard Assembler corrugated automatic partition machine for sale


Dimension(L x W x H m include sheet delivery )


Total power



Horizontal inserting width: Amm120~900
Lengthways sheets length: Bmm210~600
Clapboard Height: Cmm80~300
Lengthways clapboard distance: Dmm20~500
Horizontal clapboard distance: Emm45-850
Lengthways sheets No.piece1-6
Horizontal clapboard No.piece1-29
Carton inserting mouth width:Fmm>oard thickness
Carton thickness:Gmm1.5~8mm

Remark:We can customize the machine according to your different carton partition requirements.

If you need to slot the cardboard, then please refer to our: Automatic partition slotting machine.


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