Semi auto rotary slotter machine


Characteristics of the semi-auto rotary slotter machine:

1. The machine is a three-in-one process of paper separation, line pressing, slotting and corner cutting, and it is completed in one process.
2. The worktable adopts chain feeding, which is fast and stable.
3. The tooth shape of the slotting knife is ground, and the cutting edge is sharp.
4. The slotted knife holder can be adjusted according to the thickness of the cardboard (3, 5, 7 layers)
5. The rear slotting knife (box height) can be adjusted simultaneously with four knives, which is easy to operate, flexible and reliable.
6. The main gear has a keyless connecting rod, which can maintain precise grooving for a long time.
7. Can be equipped with punching device.
8. This rotary slotter machine is usually used with chain feeding printing machine.



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