Automatic Flatbed Die Cutter Machine


Our fully automatic flatbed die cutter machine not only has die-cutting performance, but also adds a waste removal system. It can remove all waste chips and waste edges that are not related to the cardboard box during die-cutting production, greatly improving the efficiency of the die-cutting process. In order to improve production efficiency, carton production has reached high speed and automation. This series of die-cutting machines realizes continuous production without stopping the machine for paper loading and non-stop paper discharging.

Characterics of the automatic flatbed die cutter machine:

◆Imported PLC control, touch screen adjustment, all adjustments are made by motor. Save time and effort, the die-cutting accuracy is controlled by the optical fiber switch, the machine will automatically stop when there is a loose version or malfunction, and the cause of the problem will be reflected on the touch screen;

◆The unique servo-type leading edge paper feeding method can arbitrarily adjust the length of paper delivery, minimizing damage to the strength of corrugated paper. The left and right baffles can be electrically adjusted in size, and a high-power high-pressure blower is selected to ensure smooth transportation of warped cardboard. The air volume can be adjusted by the fine-tuning device;

◆The base of the entire machine is made of high-strength ductile iron to ensure high die-cutting pressure;

◆The scrapping department adopts the international central positioning mirror plate device, which makes it easy to change plates. The full scraping design can greatly improve production efficiency. Whether to use the scrapping function to adjust with one click;

◆Automatic counting and paper discharging design without stopping the machine, combined with the hydraulic lifting platform paper feeding system, facilitates paper loading and feeding without stopping the machine;

Technical Parameter of the automatic flatbed die cutter machine:

Max paper feeding size/mm1100*7801320*9801510*11201670*1200
Min paper feeding size/mm360*360360*360450*400550*500
Max die cutting size/mm1070*7601300*9601490*11001650*1180
Max gripper edge size/mm55-85-85-8
Max die cutting pressure350350380400
Processable paper typesWhite cardboard/ g/㎡400-2000400-2000400-2000400-2000
Corrugated cardboard/mm≤5≤10≤10≤10
Max die cutting speed/ Sheets/hour7000700060005500
Max height of paper feeding/mm1100(Above the level)1400(Above the level)1400(Above the level)1400(Above the level)
Max height of paper stacking/mm1100(Above the level)1250(Above the level)1250(Above the level)1300(Above the level)
Total power/kw1724.526.532
Total weight of the machine/Ton16182125
Total weight with the Waste paper cleaning part/Ton17.5202640
Whole size of the machine/mm
Whole size with the waste paper cleaning part/mm7000*3950*22158545*4300*234510200*4560*235611700*5700*2560


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