High speed automatic die cutting machine

The whole machine is designed in strict accordance with high standards and high efficiency, the design concept of man-machine integration, and the whole computer centralized control. It has multiple protection functions such as remote maintenance, fault self-checking, alarm prompting, etc.


Characteristic of High speed automatic die cutting machine:

  1. The high speed rotary die cutter is adjusted by computer and electric digital control in a scope of 360°
  2. Automatic rotary die cutter horizontal movement is adjusted by computer and electric digital control of a scope of±5mm.
  3. Automatic die cutting pads roller transverse, automatic line speed compensation make optimal force glue pads even wear. With a rubber mat repair systems, rubber pad can be used repeatedly repair,make the die cutting forming beautiful and has damage tool.
  4. The cushion roller’s mechanical,horizontal and cam facility moves horizontally in a scope of ±35mm to lengther the using life of the die cutting cushion.
  5. The light alloy aluminum back-kick vacuum adsorption feeding system with several groups of rolling bearing to ensure stable running.
  6. Left and right baffle and back baffle positions are under the computer and electric and digital control as the side baffle is equipped with pneumatic trimming facilities.
  7. Continuous or interleaved paper feeding, infrared photoelectric counting.
  8. Imported control system, Siemens low-voltage electrical appliances, host frequency conversion control, power saving up to 30%

Technical Parameter of the High speed automatic die cutting machine:

Max SpeedPcs/Min140120
Max Paper Sizemm1400*25001600*2500
Max Cutting Sizemm1350*24501600*2450
Min Paper Sizemm350*600420*600

Useage of automatic die cutting machine:Suitable for mass production of various cartons (fruit cartons, corrugated cartons and large express cartons) and special-shaped cartons