The important role of single facer machine

The single facer corrugated machine is one of the important equipments of the corrugated box production line. It is a mechanical equipment for the production of corrugated core paper (a special name for corrugated paper in cardboard). In the corrugated packaging industry, it is known as the heart of the “corrugated cardboard production line”.

Main structure of single facer machine

The single facer machine consists of mill roll stand and a single-sided corrugated forming machine. The corrugated core paper is heated first, and then the corrugated roll is used to form the required corrugated shape. Finally, glue (starch adhesive) is applied to the corrugated peak and combined with the liner. The corrugated paper is bonded to form a single-sided corrugated board. The heating methods of core paper include steam heating, electric heating and oil heating. The machining flute type of corrugated single facer can be UV/A, E, C, B, EB or customized according to needs.

The role of corrugated cardboard single facer

The single-facer is the primary equipment for the production of corrugated boxes. The quality of the semi-finished corrugated board produced by the single-facer machine directly affects the production cost of the carton. The base paper is the main material for the production of the carton. About 75% of the production cost of the carton comes from the raw materials. If the corrugated board produced by the single facer is unqualified or the defective products increase, it means the waste of raw paper and other materials, the increase of production costs, and the decrease of production profits.

Therefore, in the current low-profit market environment in the carton industry, the production technology of the corrugated single facer machine should be well controlled, and the performance and operation technology of the equipment should be controlled. It is self-evident to control the quality of raw materials, prevent the occurrence of quality problems, and increase the pass rate of semi-finished products of the single-facer.