Ultimate Guide To Classification Of Carton Printing Machine

What is a carton box printing machine? And What is the classification of a carton printing machine? Let’s learn it together.

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A Carton printing machine is a printing device that can print the required text, patterns, and other information on the surface of the boxes cartons. It generally includes process steps, such as plate loading, ink coating, embossing, and paper feeding. Carton printing generally includes a single printing machine, carton printing slotting / die cutting machine, printing slotting die cutting machine, and automatic high-speed Flexo Printer Slotter Rotary Die-Cutter Inline with Folder Gluer.

Working principle:

When the corrugated box printing machine is working, the text and images to be printed are made into printing plates, mounted on the printing machine, and then the printer is operated by a person to apply the ink evenly to the place where the text and images are on the printing plate, and then directly or indirectly transfer to corrugated cardboard or carton to make the same printed reproduction as the printing plate.

Classification of carton printing machine:

1.There are many types of carton box printing machines, which are divided into the following 4 categories according to the number of printing colors and the number of faces

1)Monochrome printing press

2)Two-color printing press

3)Multi-color printing press

4)Double-sided monochrome printing press

5)Double-sided multi-color printing press

2. The printing presses are divided into the following 2 types according to their uses:

1) General printing press: The so-called general printing refers to the printing method that uses convex, flat, concave, and other layouts, using paper as the printing material, printing general printed matter such as newspapers, color pages, picture albums, etc., and mainly transmitting the information, Such as book printing press, newspaper printing press, etc.

2)Special printing machines: printing machines for special printing, mainly self-adhesive sticker printing machines, hose printing machines, etc.

3. There are 4 types of gravure printing presses, screen printing presses, planographic printing presses, and letterpress printing presses according to the type of printing plate.

1) The gravure printing machine usually uses the method of rotary direct printing. When printing, the printing plate cylinder is inked on the whole surface, and the ink on the blank part of the plate is scraped off with a squeegee, leaving the ink on the graphic part, and then passing the paper, The impression cylinder is used to imprint the back of the paper, so that the ink in the concave part is directly transferred to the paper surface, and then the printed product is collected by the paper delivery part.

The characteristics of the gravure printing machine: It has the characteristics of the thick ink layer, bright color, high printing power, wide application range, suitable for continuous pattern printing, etc. It has been widely used in plastic packaging printing, paper packaging printing, decorative printing, Transfer printing, publishing printing, etc.

2) Screen printing machine: Screen printing is a type of stencil printing. The graphic portion of the printing plate can be printed through the ink to the substrate. The screen printing plate is in the shape of a net, and the plate surface is formed with two parts of through holes and non-through holes. During printing, the ink is leaked from the through-hole portion of the plate on the substrate under the squeeze of the squeegee.

3) Lithographic printing machine: a machine that uses a lithographic plate to complete the printing process. The graphic and blank portions are almost on the same plane.

4) Letterpress printing machines: Letterpress printing machines are machines that use letterpress to complete the printing process. The graphic part is obviously higher than the blank printing plate, such as photographic relief, photosensitive resin plate, and movable type.

4, According to the type of substrate, the printing is divided into the following 2 types:

1)Sheet-fed printing press: Use a sheet or other sheet-fed material as the substrate.
2)Web printer: Web or other web materials are used as substrates

The main parameters of the corrugated carton printing machine:

1) Flexo printing machine: maximum paper feed size, printing repeat length, color registration accuracy, maximum printing width, color set, printing speed.

2) Printing slotting machine: maximum paper feed size, maximum printing area, interleaved paper size, printing plate thickness, minimum slot spacing, maximum slot length, mechanical maximum speed, printing cardboard thickness

3) Pre-printing machine: mechanical speed, printing speed, printing width, maximum width of the substrate, maximum diameter of substrate, maximum winding width, maximum winding diameter, repeat length, printing method, printing plate thickness

4) Carton printing slotting die-cutting gluing folding joint production line: maximum speed, maximum cardboard size, minimum cardboard size, sheet feeding size, maximum print area, standard printing plate thickness, minimum folding box size, volume, color set

5) Printing slotting die-cutting machine: maximum speed, maximum cardboard size, minimum cardboard size, minimum slotting gap, maximum groove depth, maximum cardboard thickness, maximum printing area, standard printing plate thickness, volume, color set.