Carton Printing Machine: Ultimate Guide To Purchase

Every day,we got many inquires for the flexo printer slotter/die cutter as follows:


So, are you one of them?Do you also need to purchase a flexo carton printing machine? But don’t know what models of machine suits your needs? No worry, just come with us to learn more about the corrugated box printing machine.

carton printing 1

Carton printer is a printing device that can print the required text, pictures and other information on the surface of the corrugated carton box. So, according to different requirements of customers, we can provide flexo printing slotting die cutting machines with different parameters, to satisfy your need.

Working speed of the flexo carton printing machine

The speed of the machine determines the daily production of your factory, so how to determine it? For example: If your factory has two batches of workers in turns every day, the total working hours per day are 10 hours, and the daily output is 10,000 to 30,000 cartons. Then the machine speed you need is about: 20pcs/min-50pcs/min, then a semi-automatic flexo printer machine maybe suitable for you.

If your daily output is higher than the above, then go and see the automatic flexo printing machine.

Printing color of the carton printing machine

Flexo printer slotter die cutters themselves don’t have a printing color. They are machines that can print various designs and colors on materials like corrugated cardboard. The number of colors a flexo printer slotter die cutter can print depends on the specific machine. They typically range from 1 colors up to 5 colors, but some high end machines can print even more colors. So You can choose the corresponding printing unit according to the number of cardboard box printing colors of your own factory.

Machine Size of the carton printing machine

Flexo printer slotter die cutters come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different production needs. They typically range from mid-sized machines to quite large industrial machines. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Mid-Sized Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutters: These are commonly used for smaller production runs or for businesses that don’t require a super high capacity machine. They typically have a footprint around (900-1400mm)*(2000-2600mm)
  • Large Industrial Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutters: These are high-volume machines used for large printing runs and can be quite large, the size is usually (1600mm or more)*(2800mm or more)

It’s important to note that these are just general size ranges. The specific size of a flexo printer slotter die cutter will vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and capabilities of th machine.

With slotting or die cutting unit

After printing, your cardboard needs to be cut into a certain shape to paste or nail into a carton. So what shaped carton do you need to cut into? This determines that you need to add a slotting unit or a die cutting unit, or both.

A slotting and die cutting unit is a part of a larger machine, typically a flexo printer slotter die cutter, that performs two separate functions on material such as cardboard or corrugated board.

Slotting: The slotting unit uses a series of blades to cut straight lines into the cardboard, which allows the box to be folded later.

image 1

The above is a photo of an unfolded carton box,we also call it RSC carton, which means Regular Slotted Container, it is the most common box style on the market. If you just produce boxes like this, then just need to add the slotting unit;

Die Cutting: The die cutting unit uses a flat metal die to cut specific shapes out of the cardboard. The die itself has a sharp edge that cuts through the material, and a bottom piece that holds the shape.

image 2

Like the above boxes, they are all produced by die cutting unit; Of course, if you have both standard shape and non-shaped cartons, you need to add both slotting unit and die cutting unit.

Need to configure other machines or not

Do you need to paste the carton or nail box, Make corrugated cardboard into a carton? The Automatic Folder Gluer And Stitcher Machine is a good choice. It can satisfy the paste or nail box at the same time. With high working speed, It can be used together with a high -speed carton printing slotting die cutting machine; If your output is not large, then whether it is a folder gluer machine or a carton stitching machine, we all have a semi-automatic style for you to choose from.

Special request for the carton printing machine

If your workshop is small in space, and any suitable machines for you? If you want a high quality printing effect to make your packaging look more clearly and better? If you need the box to be printed on both sides, is that possible? If your cardboard is heavy-duty AAA cardboard, how to ensure that the corrugation will not be crushed or collapsed during the printing and cutting process? If you need a full-process vacuum adsorption printing slotting die-cutting machine with glue box linkage line,with ceramic rollers and doctor blade……

No worries, we can solve all the problems above. Since our establishment in 2010, we have accumulated 15 years of experience in the carton machinery industry. We have a strong technical team, experienced production personnel, and cooperate with many domestic and foreign brand enterprises. Our machines are exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and have won unanimous praise from customers.”

Contact now ,let’s talk product details of your requirement and we will give suitable machines with technical info and prices to support your business.