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In recent years, with the rapid growth of the pizza food market, the production of pizza boxes has also increased year by year. So how is the pizza box produced and what machines need to choose if you want to make pizza boxes? Follow us today to learn about the pizza box making machine.

A pizza box refers to the packaging box used to hold the pizza. There are generally three main materials. According to different materials, pizza boxes can be divided into:

  1. White cardboard: mainly 250G white cardboard and 350G white cardboard;
  2. Corrugated cardboard: micro-corrugated (from high to short according to the corrugated height), which are E flute, F flute, G flute, N flute and O flute, the most commonly used are E and F corrugated.
  3. PP plastic: the main material is PP plastic.

What material pizza box to choose?

  1. The most commonly used pizza box on the market is the 250G white cardboard pizza box. This pizza box can be used in general western restaurants. If it is take-out, the firmness will be relatively weak;
  2. The thickened 350G white cardboard pizza box is mainly used for take-out. The stiffness of this pizza box is much better than that of 250G white cardboard, which can fully meet the use of western fast food restaurants for take-out;
  3. The corrugated pizza box has the best stiffness among the pizza boxes. The most commonly used 3-layer E flute on the market, this pizza box can also be used as take-out packaging, which is not easy to soften.

Semi Auto Pizza Box making machine

Type One:

creasing and die cutting machine 副本

The function of the semi-auto creasing and die cutting machine: Die-cut all kinds of materials easily: corrugated cardboard, tag, PVC, leather, self-adhesive and other materials, the above materials can be creased and cut into the desired shape, and single/continuous/delayed cutting is optional. Foil stamping functions are optional.

The maximum size of cardboard can be processed by the machine: 750mm*520mm~2200mmx1400mm

Working speed: 20-30 pcs/minute

Why choose this machine: For very thin and smaller cardboard(Such as the white cardboard) and other materials(such as PP plastic and leather) that cannot be processed by semi-automatic printer die cutter, it can be crimped and cut, which is convenient and fast. The cutting precision is high, and the operation is safe and reliable.

Type Two:

chain feed printer slotter

Functions Of the semi-automatic pizza box making machine:

Can print corrugated cardboard, how many colors you need to print on your pizza box, then we will configure accordingly printer machine sets for you.

The die-cutting unit can complete the process of die-cutting and corner-cutting, and help you to die-cut the cardboard into the desired pizza box shape.

Working speed:50-60 pcs/minute

The maximum size of cardboard can be processed by the machine: 900mm*2000mm~1600mmx2800mm

Why choose this machine: 1-4 colors are available, simple, convenient and stable operation, different machine sizes can be selected according to the size of the processed cardboard, Suitable for corrugated board and cardboard with thickness of 2-8mm.

Automatic pizza box making machine

Type one:


Functions of automatic pizza box making machine: Automatic paper feeding, printing and die cutting, without manual feeding, saving labor costs, fast and efficient. Ceramic rollers and doctor blade can be added to print more clearly and beautifully. It can be counted electronically, quickly change the printing plate, and automatically clean, and a variety of models are available.

Working speed:100-200 pcs/min

The maximum size of cardboard can be processed by the machine: 900mm*2000mm~1600mmx2800mm

Why choose this machine: Full automatic operation, saving labor cost, high production efficiency, good printing quality, suitable for mass production.

Type Two:

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Functions of the machine: This machine is the main equipment for die-cutting of paper, carton, trademarks and all kinds of paper packing products. Products scope: Cardboard, small flute corrugated board.

Working speed: 80 pcs/min

The maximum size of cardboard can be processed by the machine: 800x620mm–1670 ×1200mm

Why choose this machine: This machine adds the stripping system besides the automatic die-cutting and creasing function, it can remove all the useless blocks or edges when the machine in working, so the production efficiency is greatly improved, it is especially suitable for the complicated cartons box production.

Pizza box making machine, according to the customer’s different cardboard size, different output requirements, different printing colors, different requirements such as stacking and bundling, different automation requirements, and different budgets, we can help you configure Different machines, to ensure that you choose the right and satisfactory pizza box making machines to the greatest extent, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

If all the above can’t meet all your requirement, We can customize the machine according to your requirements!

If you don’t know which type to choose, just contact with us directly: 86-18833771152 (whatapp) , we will give suggestions accordingly.


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