Semi automatic flute laminating machine

Feeding of high table, automatic feeding for bottom sheet, elastic front register, simple operation.



The Semi automatic flute laminating machine is used to accurately bond printing paper and backing paper (cardstock, corrugated paper) together, and then make the paper flat with high precision.

The total length of the new servo semi automatic flute laminating machine: 9.8 meters, including 4 meters in length of the main machine, 5 meters in pressure delivery length, 0.8 meters in length of the paper splicing table, 28 pressure and delivery shafts, 8 positioning belts, 3 synchronous wheels, and 1 synchronous belt.
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Main electrical configuration of Semi automatic flute laminating machine:

1. Full computer touch screen control
2. Panasonic PLC
3. INVT servo drive motor
4. The host pressure and output are controlled by Taiwan Delta frequency conversion, automatic glue control, glue-free alarm, counting, and alarm when counting is reached, etc.
5. Main machine: sprockets and synchronous wheels are high-frequency quenched. The synchronous belts and synchronous wheels are all products of Xiamen joint venture; the positioning belt is Italian technology;

Characteristic of Semi automatic flute laminating machine:

1. Face paper can be piled up to 1.5 meters at a time, and the paper pile automatically rises during paper feeding, making paper feeding easier and more efficient.

2. The bottom paper adopts air suction to automatically feed the paper, and can automatically track according to the speed of manual feeding of the top paper;

3. Brand new concept of front positioning, high positioning accuracy, the bottom paper never advances; the amount of top paper advance is adjustable;

4. The whole machine adopts touch screen/PLC control system, the circuit system operates stably and can automatically display fault alarms;

5. The fully automatic glue replenishing system can automatically replenish the lost amount of glue during the lamination process, and cooperate with glue recycling to avoid glue loss and waste;

6. The linear speed of the rubber coating roller is scientifically designed to ensure uniform glue application and avoid glue throwing away during high-speed operation;.

7. Use rubber roller cleaning to make the lower roller clean and thorough, and there will be no glue on the back of the corrugated paper, eliminating the trouble of frequently changing the scraper;

8. The floating movable press ensures that the corrugated board will not be flattened after lamination, while also ensuring that the cardboard is flat and straight;

9. The cleaning water source adopts an independent water tank to control water circulation, which is clean and not easy to accumulate glue;

10. The roller pressure can be adjusted unilaterally. When changing the specifications of the bottom paper, you only need to shake it unilaterally to the required scale. There is no need to test the pressure of each roller, and the machine adjustment is convenient and quick.

Technical Parameter of the Semi automatic flute laminating machine

Max laminating size1300 X 1100 mm1400 X 1250 mm1500 X 1250 mm1600 X 1250 mm
Min laminating size360 X 360 mm360 X 360 mm360 X 360 mm360 X 360 mm
Economic machine speed0-100 pcs/min0-100 pcs/min0-100 pcs/min0-100 pcs/min
Laminating precision±1±1±1±1
Power7 KW7.5 KW7.5 KW7.5 KW
Machine size10×2×2.2m10×2.1×2.2m10×2.2×2.2m10×2.3×2.2m
Machine weight3.5 ton4 ton4 ton4 ton