Carton making machine cost secret revealed in 2022

Since the carton market is promising and the carton factory is profitable, if you want to start carton box manufacturing business, what preparations should be made? What is the approximate cost of setting up a carton factory? What is the approximate carton making machine cost? If you also have these problems, then please follow us to learn this article.

In recent years, the corrugated box industry has developed rapidly. Since carton packaging serves the production and circulation of commodities, with the development of the national economy, the demand for carton packaging in the whole society is increasing.

With the increasing demand for cartons, many people will invest in a carton factory. So when building a factory, various factors must be considered.

Before setting up a carton factory, you need to prepare these: 7 things to prepare for opening a corrugated box manufacturing plant. To set up a carton factory, carton making machine cost is the main consideration among the cardboard manufacturing plant costs, So What does the carton making machine cost include?

Carton making machines cost

carton factory

To set up a carton factory, the budget needed: workshop rental fees, carton making machine cost, management fees, worker wages, industrial and commercial registration, procurement of raw materials (cardboard) costs, working capital, water and electricity miscellaneous expenses, etc.


When you open a small carton making factory, you only need basic carton corrugation machines, that is, carton printer, carton stitching machine or folding gluing machine, and strapping machine, the overall investment on carton making machine cost will not be very high.

Thin blade cutting and creasing machine

If you only need to process one or two color paper box, then buy a two color printing slotting die cutting machine and folding gluing machine with carton stacker is enough, the investment is about usd 34000 to usd 133000, which is the basic carton making machine cost. If you need to equip other carton equipments, such as: Auto Thin Blade Slitter Scorer, flexo printing machine (about usd 17000 to usd 120000), carton slotting machine (usd 5500 to usd 9000), corrugated box stitching machine (about usd 11000 to usd 20000) ), all these carton packaging machines need at least usd 140000.

Cardboard manufacturing plant cost

5 Ply cardboard production line

If you want to produce both corrugated cardboard and carton box, the 3/5/7 layer corrugated cardboard production line need to be purchased, check this article: How to effectively purchase corrugated cardboard making machine? The price of corrugator line is different according to cardboard width, machine working speed, Layers of Corrugated Box and so on. For example, If you want to purchase a 5-layer corrugated board production line with a speed of 300 m/min and a board width of 2500 mm, the price ranges from 9.2 million to 16.5 million depending on the factory and brand.

In addition, except the carton making machine cost, some office equipment, labor costs, etc., and it takes at least 800,000 to 1000,000 yuan to set up a small carton factory. If you want to open a big factory, the cost will be higher than this.

Of course, the above carton making machine cost and other costs are only approximate budgets, according to your requirements, specific carton making machine costs need to be calculated by the suppliers.(Such as different requirements about cardboard width, working speed of the machine, degree of automation, Different carton processing methods, Venue size, etc.) Also, Fluctuations in the price of raw materials in the market, increase in labor costs, and machine R&D updates will all affect the above prices, and the actual quotations of the suppliers shall prevail.

How much is the profit of 1,000 carton boxes?

If we calculate like this: net profit of an ordinary carton at 0.5-0.8 yuan, 1,000 cartons a day can be produced, according to 300 days on working a year, then the annual output of carton boxes is 1,000 × 300 days= 300,000 pcs. If calculated in this way, based on a single carton profit, then the net profit will be at least 150,000~240,000 yuan within a year.

Attention when setting up a carton factory

1)In addition to the above issues, on-site issues must also be considered. The plant area is not less than 500 square meters. Regardless of the size of the carton machinery and equipment purchased, the supplier will provide you with the specific dimensions of the carton machinery. The small carton equipment area is not large, but the storage capacity of the cardboard needs to be calculated, and the cardboard boxes need to be stacked and transported. Large carton machinery and equipment need to leave enough space for the equipment. In addition, the work floor needs to be hardened, dry, and tidy to ensure that the carton will not be damaged during the production process.

2)While running a carton factory, you must first contact with quality paper mill, to provide sufficient supply of base paper.

3)It is necessary to have technical personnel, which can provide effective technical guidance. Especially in the process of initial establishment, and operation of the factory, the maintenance of machinery and equipment requires specialized personnel.

4)In the carton production process, try to connect your customers well, to ensure a good market.

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