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To open a carton factory, What packaging machine and equipment are needed for box production? What is the carton box making machine price? Look no further! In this article, we will discuss box making machines, and provide you with an estimate of their prices. So, let’s dive right in!

According to different materials, carton boxes include corrugated boxes and single-layer cardboard boxes. Then we take the corrugated box for example as below:

corrugated box making 1

According to the corrugated box flow chart above, we can see that if you want to open a corrugated box factory, you must first consider the source of corrugated cardboard, whether to produce it yourself or purchase it from a cardboard factory. If you produce it yourself, this can be done through a corrugated cardboard production line.

Cardboard Box Making Machine Price

Box making machine price—Cardboard Making Machine Price

Corrugated cardboard usually has 2 layers, 3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers, etc.

3 layer corrugated cardboard
  1. 2 layer corrugated board, usually consists of one layer of corrugated paper and one layer of facial paper, Some small carton factories, when producing corrugated cardboard, first produce 2-layer corrugated paper rolls, and then paste a layer of paper to produce 3-layer corrugated cardboard.
  2. 3 layer corrugated carton box, also known as single corrugated box, is composed of a corrugated core paper and a surface paper on each side of The core paper.Three-layer corrugated boxes are mainly used for packaging lighter-weight inner packaging products. Commonly used corrugated types are A, B, C, E flute, among which E flute type is also known as micro-corrugated box, which is mainly used for small household appliances, etc., and B corrugated is often used in the packaging of food and beverage industries.
  3. Double corrugated paper is: facial paper + corrugated paper + liner paper + corrugated paper + lining paper, a total of 5 layers. This type of carton uses double-corrugated cardboard, Five-layer corrugated board, common flute type combinations are AB flute, CB flute, BE flute, etc., and the thickness of the cardboard will also be different. Five-layer corrugated cardboard has been widely used in product packaging due to its good processing performance, hardness and flexibility protection, easy use, good printing adaptability, low cost, and environmental protection. Its main application forms are cushions and Accessory boxes, gift boxes, corrugated boxes, pallet packaging, etc, which is mostly used for packaging fragile items, heavy items and items that need to be stored for a long time;
  4. Seven-layer corrugated cardboard, namely three-core double-sided seven-layer cardboard, is made of two-layer box cardboard and three-layer corrugated base paper. It has the best strength and can replace wooden boxes to pack heavy equipment, and is generally used in conjunction with pallets or containers. It is mainly used for packing boxes of heavy goods (such as motorcycles, pianos, etc.), or packing large electrical appliances, small machine tools, etc., and can also be used as some high-strength special liners.

The corrugated cardboard is produced by Automatic Corrugated Board Making Plant, which is composed of shaftless mill roll stand(Mill reel stand), fingerless single facer, preheater, double facer, gluing machine, Cross-cutting machine, thin blade slitter scorer machine, conveyor bridge, etc. The automatic corrugator line can produce corrugated board with cardboard width from 1200mm to 2800mm, the working speed is from 60 m/min to 300 m/min as requirement, so when above requirement is different, the price also differs much.

Box making machine price—Carton Printing/Slotting/Die cutting machine

Next, the logo and packaging design need to be printed on the outside of the carton box, and the printing is divided into color offset printing and monochrome overprinting.

  1. According to different color requirements, our ink printing machine can print 1-6 colors and can overprint. If high-definition printing is required, we can install ceramic rollers and squeegees to help you achieve high-definition printing effects.
  2. According to your printing and carton cutting needs of different shapes, we can be equipped with different printing units, slotting units and die-cutting units to achieve multiple functional needs such as punching, cornering, creasing, and cutting; If you need to fold and paste the cardboard into shape, you can also be equipped with a printer slotter die cutter inline folder gluer machine, or a carton stitching machine to help you nail the boxes.
  3. According to the degree of automation, there are fully automatic and semi-automatic printing machines. If the budget is high, you can consider purchasing fully automatic machines to save time and labor cost; if you want to reduce costs, then semi-automatic corrugated box making machine can meet your needs;
  4. According To The working speed, it has high speed and low speed, which differs from 60 pcs/min to 300 pcs/min.

The carton printing machine prices of different factories are different, and the box making machine price of big brands is higher than that of small brands of carton machinery; similarly, the level of quality and the difference in after-sales service also have a very important impact on the box making machine price. You can refer to this article about the Factors affecting prices: 4 Things You Must Know To Buy Box Making Machine

Box making machine price—Carton stitcher/Folder gluer

After printing, slotting and die-cutting, you need to consider whether it is glued or nailed. Under normal circumstances, carton companies choose the carton forming method according to the actual requirements of customers.

stitching box

For example, Cardboard box with nails is stronger, not easy to be damaged, and has relatively high technical requirements. For larger items or heavier products such as air conditioners, etc., nail boxes will be selected. Gluing the box is more efficient and flatter, and it is not easy to scratch the contents of the box. Some small cartons or milk boxes may choose to glue the box.

Semi automatic corrugated box making machine price

For some new small carton factories or end customers with low requirements for speed, you can consider semi-automatic carton machinery, which are easy to operate and cheaper in price, can help you save production costs.

Box making machine price—Second hand carton paper box making machine

If the above corrugated box making machine price is still beyond your budget, then you can consider purchasing second-hand carton machinery. There are many used box making machine for sale on the market, we can also choose these products. Some second-hand carton box making machines,whose original factory is from the leading manufacturers, have good performance, which can reduce your purchase cost and meet your quality requirements.

As for the box making machine price, it is related to machine materials, styles, specifications, degree of automation,factory brand and Cardboard or carton processing requirements and other items, The price of the machine needs to be calculated according to the actual demand and situation.

When you are ready to purchase a carton machine, you can find the most suitable carton machine by considering the above requirements and factors. Our company can manufacture and export high quality carton packaging machines as the above, you can contact with our salesman to know the product details and the latest price. Hope the above can help you to learn more about box making machine price and purchase the suitable carton packaging machinery.