What is the price of corrugated box making machine

If you want to open a carton machinery factory, then you may ask: What machinery and equipment are needed to produce cartons? What is the price of corrugated box making machine? Let us answer for you today.

According to different materials, carton boxes include corrugated boxes and single-layer cardboard boxes. Then we take the corrugated box for example as below:

corrugated box making 1

According to the above corrugated box flow chart, we can see that if you want to open a corrugated box machinery factory, you must first consider corrugated cardboard, which can be completed by a corrugated cardboard production line.

Corrugated cardboard generally have single-corrugated, double-corrugated and triple-corrugated. From outside to inside, single corrugated paper is: facial paper + corrugated paper + inner paper, a total of 3 layers. At present, this kind of cardboard is used to form boxes; Double corrugated paper is: facial paper + corrugated paper + liner paper + corrugated paper + lining paper, a total of 5 layers. This type of carton uses double-corrugated cardboard, which has better overall performance and is mostly used for packaging fragile items, heavy items and items that need to be stored for a long time; The three-corrugated box has the best strength and can replace wooden boxes to pack heavy equipment, and is generally used in conjunction with pallets or containers.

Next,The face paper needs to be printed to print the product logo, and the printing is divided into color offset printing and monochrome overprinting. According to the different color needs, the printing machine has two-color, three-color and four-color printing presses; according to the different needs of supporting equipment, there are also carton single printing, printing tape slotting/die cutting, printing slotting/die cutting, glue box and Linkage production line, etc. If the budget is high, you can consider purchasing fully automatic machines; if you want to reduce costs, then semi-automatic carton machinery and equipment can meet your needs;

If the above corrugated box making machine price is still beyond your budget, then you can consider purchasing second-hand carton machinery. There are many used box making machine for sale on the market, we can also supply these products. Some brands of second-hand carton equipments have good performance, which can reduce your purchase cost and meet your quality requirements.

As for the cost of cartons, it is related to materials, styles, and printing requirements, and the price needs to be calculated according to each order. Hope the above can help you.

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