2 color printing die cutting and slotting machine

High quality material and fittings are used for the machine. The drive gears are hardened and ground(Hardness >HRC 60)


Characteristic of 2 color printing die cutting and slotting machine:

1. The whole machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with high requirements, reliability and safety, quick order change and simple operation.

2. This machine can improve labor efficiency and reduce labor intensity while saving energy and reducing consumption. It is an ideal replacement product for medium and small carton factories.

3. Frequency conversion control of the host motor.

4. Choose high-quality materials and accessories.

5. The transmission gear is quenched and ground, Rockwell hardness>55 degrees

6. All gaps are adjusted manually.

7. Automatically return to zero.

8. All rollers are chrome-plated to enhance strength.

9. Digital input type electric phase or adopt domestic and international well-known brand PLC, touch screen multi-function control. (Optional)

Product configuration of the 2 colors printer slotter die cutter machine:

First Paper feeding department:

1. Front-edge paper feeding system, suction assisted paper feeding, equipped with a fan, can adjust the air volume according to the different bending conditions of the cardboard to ensure smooth paper feeding. (Valve adjusts air volume)

2. Sheet feeding device. (Continuous and interleaved paper feeding can be selected according to needs)

3. The paper feed counter is set and displays the production quantity.

4. Equipped with a dust removal device, which can remove impurities on the printing surface of the cardboard and improve the printing quality.

5. Interleaved paper feeding device (continuous or interleaved feeding as required)

6. The upper shaft of the paper feed is wrapped with wear-resistant rubber, and it is balanced and adjusted without damaging the corrugated strength.

7. The lower feed roller is embossed and plated with hard chrome.

8. Manual adjustment of the paper feed roller gap, and the dial shows the adjustment data.

Two Printing Department:

1. Text encoder and electric button dual systems control the printing phase and axial position; the plate roller has the function of automatically resetting the wipe memory;

2. Each color group is equipped with an emergency stop protection switch to ensure the safety of operators;

3. The pressure of the plate roller vacuum bellows is electrically adjusted, and the suction pressure can be adjusted in sections;

4. The printing phase is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism, and the gear position is automatically locked when the machine is separated to prevent the zero position of the plate roller from being lost;

5. The pedal switch of the printing plate device can quickly hang and adjust the plate, which is convenient for plate changing and scrubbing, and the operation is simplified;

6. Customers with additional paper feeding roller mechanism can choose vacuum adsorption paper feeding and roller transmission according to specific products, which saves energy and reduces consumption;

7. Optional upper oil part.

Three slotting department:

1. Phase 360 ​​degree electric planetary gear adjustment, no key link;

2. The structure adjustment of the electric inner gear of the box height;

3. Polyurethane pre-pressing plate wheel to ensure that the cardboard is not crushed;

4. The length and width of the carton are adjusted synchronously by electric motors;

5. Optional positive and negative knives;

6. Optional buttoning device, order management and other functions.

Technical Parameter of the 2 color printing slotting die cutting machine:

Model NumberUnit250025002500
Roller diametermm∮300∮400∮480
Over the paper widthmm900×24001200×24001450×2400
Max printing areamm900×22001200×22001450×2200
Feeding paper by partitionmm1200×24001400×24001450×2400
Min Feeding sizemm280×600300×720360×720
Feeding Depthmm2-112-112-11
Print Plate Depthmm7.27.27.2
Machine Speedpcs/min707070
PowerKwAccording to the

Printing set

According to the

Printing set

According to the

Printing set