How to reduce the loss of corrugator line

corrugator line

The technological process of the corrugator line is to use a single-face corrugator to produce a single-faced corrugated board with firm corrugation and inner paper,After being transported through the conveyor bridge to the gluing machine coated composite surface paper, Into the dryer for drying, then crimping, longitudinal cutting, and cross-cutting are made into box boards…

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Materials of the packaging cartons

packaging carton

Commonly used packaging cartons have three and five layers, and seven layers are used less frequently. Each layer is divided into lining paper, corrugated paper, core paper, and face paper. The lining and face paper include tea board paper and kraft paper. Corrugated paper is used as the core paper. The color and feel of…

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How to effectively purchase corrugated cardboard making machine

corrugated cardboard making machine

Corrugated cardboard making machine is also called corrugated cardboard production line. The purchase of corrugated board production line is generally divided into three types: whole line purchase, self-combination purchase and upgrade purchase of original equipment. Whole line of corrugated cardboard making machine purchase Generally, companies with strong financial strength and new factories will purchase corrugated…

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5 Advantages of flexo printing machine in flexo packaging application

flexo printing machine

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the rapid development of society and economy, the requirements for environmental protection in various places have become higher and higher. The requirements of printing factories for production efficiency are increasing year by year. As green and environmentally friendly printing, the application of flexo printing…

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7 things to prepare for opening a corrugated box manufacturing plant

corrugated box manufacturing plant

At present, the demand for cartons as packaging boxes in the market is very considerable. Many customers have investment intentions, but don’t know much about what need to prepare for a corrugated box manufacturing plant. Today, I will mainly share the problems that may be encountered in the process of set up a corrugated box manufacturing…

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2021 China International Corrugated Trade Show

corrugated trade show

SinoCorrugated is a professional Asia-Pacific corrugated equipment, consumables and technology exhibition with a history of 20 years. It is also an influential corrugated trade show in the corrugated packaging industry at home and abroad with a long history. In 2021, China International Corrugated Exhibition will be held in nearly 120,000 square meters. The exhibition area…

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The important role of single facer machine

single facer machine

The single facer corrugated machine is one of the important equipments of the corrugated box production line. It is a mechanical equipment for the production of corrugated core paper (a special name for corrugated paper in cardboard). In the corrugated packaging industry, it is known as the heart of the “corrugated cardboard production line”. Main…

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Advantages of carton packaging in transportation

corrugated box

Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, they are the most widely used paper packaging containers, especially often used for transportation packaging. Corrugated boxes are widely used, so do you know what is the advantages of carton packaging in transportation? Advantages of carton packaging in transportation: ①Good cushioning performance. Corrugated cardboard has a special structure,…

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Analysis of market status of China’s packaging machinery industry in 2020

China packaging machinery

China Business Intelligence Network News: At present, packaging machinery manufacturing is mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and other countries and regions. As one of the important sub-industries of packaging machinery, carton packaging machinery has achieved rapid growth in production and sales with the rapid development of downstream industries such as food…

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6 ways to quickly improve the average speed of cardboard production line


In the actual production of corrugated cardboard, do you know how to effectively increase the average speed of the corrugated cardboard production line? See our solutions and suggestions as below: Set the target of corrugated board production line equipment to be about 90% of the normal speed. Find out the corresponding process parameters of the…

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